About Us

Galaxy360Media” The media has a commitment to be a platform to profile celebrities and personalities who through their talents have made the society much more entertaining, Galaxy360 Media, through its magazine, online TV channel, and other media platforms, will be a vessel to entertain, inform and educate the public in everyday business and will encourage interaction among their favorite celebrities.

Mission statement

Our mission is to promote the concept of “360degreee entertainment”.


Our strategy is based on serving a clearly defined niche market well. By having an identifiable market with available lists and related memberships, the management of The Group believes we can exceed publishing industry standards for conversion of potential subscribers. Committed readers are a passionate and loyal clientele. A thirst exists for the published periodical product that “Galaxy360 magazine” will provide.

The strategy is to combine sampling, direct mail, and group membership solicitation to build circulation through both subscriptions and newsstand distribution. Multi-channel distribution principles will be employed. Each has a differing margin structure but the combination will maximize the potential reach of the magazine.


Online TV Channel

Our strategy is based on developing varieties of TV programs ranging from comedy skits, to event, to musical reviews to sports and other life sectors.


Our strategy is to be highly creative with our art creations so as to have a spectacle for Exhibitions.

We will also harness raw talents with the flare for arts with our short term art courses.

3 months, 6 months and one year courses are available

Deliveries of different art work to serve as decorations and exhibition materials


Our ultra modern photo and recording studio serves the commercial purpose, our studio concept and state of the ark cameras and equipments has put us on the map to make sure we never run out of customers.

A makeup artist and a stylist are also be on standby in the studio to give our clients their desired finishing touches

Makeup course are also available

3months , 6months.


Our ICT department ensures all our online social platforms are very functional and meets every specified target

Software development , Application Design and Web Design are found within our Ict Stables