How Virtual Contents saved the world from depression Amidst Covid 19 Pandemic

How Virtual Contents saved the world from depression Amidst Covid 19 Pandemic

The need for entertainers to embrace the digital market and create virtual contents is more necessary now than it has ever been. All thanks to corona virus (or is it China we should be thanking. Let’s leave that to Donald Trump) which came at a time the world needed a breath of fresh air.

While a lot of companies were shutting down and asking their staff to work from home the entertainment sector had no option but to shut down operations too as people were not allowed to be more than 50 in a gathering, making large event centres useless at the time (at least no one could brag about shutting down any major event centre, except maybe corona virus which actually shut down the world).

This alone rendered a lot of entertainers and show promoters jobless, but nevertheless there were a few entertainers who understood the place of virtual entertainment and made powerful use of it (I mean thanks to Tory lanez, Mc galaxy and slim case that brought the strip club to IG).

We also saw comedians trying to do comedy on their Instagram live feeds. Artists and DJs also kept their fans entertained, but the people who were able to cash out were those with a paid YouTube account which gave room for creative content creation.

Though Instagram may be more engaging and brands could pay you money to run advertorials on your page depending on your reach, you have to be creative enough to do it in a way your viewers won’t just dismiss it as a mere advert.

While comedians were looking for creative ways to stay relevant amidst the Covid 19 pandemic, musicians saw this as a perfect time to put out an album or EP (not electronic playlist as Seyi shay may put it) or even a single as the studio leads. Reasons being that a lot of people became less busy and had a lot of time to fiddle with the internet (at least tiktok and thriller could prove that) by so doing streaming music was more easier.

Imagine if it was when we still needed Alaba to do distribution, it means we would have to wait for three months or more before a new music will hit the market. A couple of smart musicians used the tiktok challenge to promote their music gaining more visibility and more streams.

Not forgetting cinemas were also affected and by so saying there won’t be any movie premier anytime soon, so the question here now is how do movie producers put out their films. I would say America and the western world were prepared ahead of time with the likes of HBO and Netflix providing a platform were movies could be streamed online at the comfort of your home. This leaves us with the question of what happens to our home videos that can’t make it to Netflix and likes.

Now you see the need to embrace the digital market and hopefully create contents to fit into the virtual market. While sketch comedians are getting creative some stand-up comedians are left in the dark, still hoping for a live audience and events to get running.

My two cents here is let’s not wait till there is a global pandemic before we start preparing virtual contents. While the world is getting back on its feet we should open our minds to building a virtual market for our brands irrespective of where we find ourselves.

Nwachi Emmanuel

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